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What Kind Of Material Carbon Brush Is More Wearable

Nov 02, 2017

What kind of material Carbon Brush is more wearable
Carbon Brushes are also often referred to as brushes and are used as a component in a motor, and are also indispensable for brush motors. There are many kinds of Carbon Brush. Generally classified according to its material, mainly graphite, dipped in graphite, metal (copper, silver) graphite.
A device that transfers energy or signals between a fixed part of a motor or generator or other rotating machine. It is usually made of pure carbon and coagulant. The exterior is usually a square, stuck on a metal bracket, inside There is a spring to press it on the shaft, the motor rotation, the power through the inverter delivery to the coil, because its main component is carbon, called Carbon Brush, it is easy to wear. Should be regularly replaced and cleaned up.
Carbon Brush is also called brush According to the brush production method, divided into two categories: one is colored brushes, that is, metal graphite brush, the other is a black brush. Colored brushes, containing non-ferrous metals, mainly copper powder, silver powder, followed by lead powder, tin powder, lead oxide powder, the balance of the scale graphite powder. How much of the metal powder content depends on the technical requirements of the brush. Most of the brush material made of graphite, in order to increase the conductivity, there are made of copper-containing graphite, graphite has a good electrical conductivity, soft texture and wear. Brushes can be used for DC motors or commutator motors, such as general purpose electric tools, like hand drill and angle grinder. He is used in conjunction with the commutator to achieve the motor current commutation, brush is the motor accessories (except the squirrel-cage motor) conduction current sliding contact body. In the DC motor, it is also responsible for the armature winding induced alternating electromotive force, commutation (rectification) task.
The role of motor Carbon Brush in the motor is to change the current direction of the DC motor and AC motor, DC motor is to change the rotor conductive coil, thus changing the rotor pole. The Carbon Brush is used as a commutator or slip ring for the motor as a sliding contact for deriving the incoming current. So what is the precautionary measure when the motor Carbon Brush is in use? See below:
1, Carbon Brush wear length of not more than 2/3. When the Carbon Brush wears longer than 2/3 (ie, the top of the Carbon Brush is on the same plane as the top of the brush), it must be replaced.
2, Carbon Brush without sparks situation. Carbon Brush just began to spark, we must find the reasons, in time to eliminate.
3, Carbon Brush unbiased slip ring outside the phenomenon, the edge of the Carbon Brush without cracks.
4, Carbon Brush braid and brush holder and Carbon Brush connection is good, no heat and touch brush grip situation.
5, Carbon Brush in the brush without beating, shaking or jam situation.
6, regularly with a DC clamp meter to measure the current sharing of the Carbon Brush evenly, with infrared thermometer to measure whether the overheating of Carbon Brush, if any abnormalities should be replaced.
7, the spring pressure is normal, no deformation and fracture phenomenon. Normal pressure on the Carbon Brush should be uniform and stable, the unit pressure is usually between 1.1kg ~ 2.5kg, the Carbon Brush between the uneven pressure difference should be less than 5%.
8, brush grip and slip ring distance to meet the specified value. Generator brush and slip ring distance: 2.5 ~ 3 mm, the main brush grip and slip ring distance: 2 ~ 4 mm.
9, slip ring surface should be no color, overheating and uneven wear, slip ring surface temperature should not be greater than 120 ℃.
10, brush grip and brush on whether there is no fouling. If the fouling more, apply the brush to clean or purge with compressed air. The nature, grade and adjustment method of Carbon Brush spark.