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What Is The Impact Of The Impact Of Carbon Brush

Jul 28, 2017

What is the impact of the impact of Carbon Brush
Different Carbon Brush manufacturers and different Carbon Brush models its composition and structure is not the same, then the Carbon Brush wear rate will not be the same. So we recommend that the majority of customers try to choose the same Carbon Brush, because it can reduce the product model caused by the Carbon Brush is not balanced self-wear rate.
Four factors that affect the Carbon Brush wear:
1. Determine the quality of Carbon Brush quality is a very important basis is the Carbon Brush wear rate. The smoothness of the slip ring surface will cause some wear on the Carbon Brush: if the slip surface of the slip ring is relatively high, because the friction coefficient produced by it will be relatively small, then the Carbon Brush wear rate can be reduced.
2. Carbon Brush material can also affect the Carbon Brush wear.
3. The pressure of the compression spring will also affect the degree of wear of the Carbon Brush: the pressure of the compression spring must be adjusted moderately, because if the compression spring pressure is too large, it will increase the mechanical wear of the Carbon Brush
4. The current will also affect the Carbon Brush wear. Under normal circumstances, the graphite Carbon Brush in the positive Carbon Brush current flow than the negative Carbon Brush current flow is relatively large, casually will cause the positive Carbon Brush wear degree than the negative Carbon Brush wear a little more.
Carbon Brush running common faults and treatment methods: In order to protect the normal operation of the motor, the correct choice of brush model is very important, because the manufacture of brushes used in the selection of raw materials and processes, its technical performance is also different. Therefore, when selecting the brush, you should consider the performance of brush and motor brush requirements. Brush use performance good signs should be:
A in the commutator or collector ring surface can quickly form a layer of uniform, moderate and stable oxide film.
B brush long life, does not wear commutator or collector ring
C brush has a good commutation and current collection performance, so that the spark within the allowable range, and the energy loss is small.
D brush running, but hot, low noise, reliable assembly, no damage.
New Carbon Brush before use need to do the work of four points:
1, the new Carbon Brush must be used before the grinding (grinding) to ensure that the Carbon Brush and slip ring surface contact up to 80%, Carbon Brush into the brush to ensure that the upper and lower free to move, if the card astringent phenomenon should be The Carbon Brush four sides with sandpaper polished to keep the Carbon Brush and brush the gap between the wall should be between 0.1-0.3 mm, so as not to brush the card in the brush or because of the gap is too large to produce swing. Brush the lower edge of the distance from the slip ring surface should be maintained at about 3mm ~ 4mm mm.
2, at the same time, each brush frame only for 1 to 2 Carbon Brush, and the old and new Carbon Brush models must be consistent.
3, regularly with a DC clamp meter to measure the current sharing of the Carbon Brush evenly.
4, with a spring scale to check the pressure of the Carbon Brush should be uniform and stable, the unit pressure is usually between 1.1kg ~ 2.5kg, the Carbon Brush between the uneven pressure difference of less than 5%.