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What Is The Cause Of A Motorcycle Brush

May 27, 2017

 Motorcycle Carbon Brush Motorcycle carbon brush spark spark What causes the motorcycle carbon brush in the use of time may occur when the phenomenon of sparks, in fact, not only the motorcycle carbon brush, some generators, motors, car carbon brush, etc. in the use of time The beginning of the phenomenon of sparks, which is what causes it?

  1, the brush current density is too large. The actual operation, if one or two brushes due to mechanical reasons card astringent, spring pressure and other reasons not to contribute, in order to maintain a normal load, through the other brush current will increase in the flow through the brush if There is a partial brush, because with the sliding ring contact area decreases, the contact surface flow density increases. According to Q = I * IRT, the calorific value is proportional to the square of the current, the accumulated heat can not be dissipated, the temperature rises sharply, the brush and slip ring contact surface will produce sparks. In addition to the spark after the production of the brush so that the working environment even worse, so the vicious cycle, so that the spark sparks more serious, there are several serious cases will occur when the ring fire.

  2, brush pressure is not uniform or does not meet the requirements. Brush factory manufacturers are related: brush pressure adjustment to the minimum pressure does not occur sparks, after scientific proof and practice summary, the minimum pressure is generally 200 ~ 300 ɡ / c ㎡, that is 0.02 ~ 0.03MPa, require the brush The pressure should be uniform, the difference does not exceed 10. In the case of long-term operation of the generator if a brush friction is too short, or brush in the brush box stuck card case, the pressure will appear uneven. In addition by the machinery, the spring itself, heat and other factors affect the pressure caused by brush does not reach the minimum theoretical requirements of the spark. And we are pressing, pulling the carbon brush, sometimes by feeling, no experience accumulated, the operation error is great.

  3, Motorcycle Carbon Brush the brush surface is dirty. This is the most overlooked, the normal operation of the generator brush sealed in a sealed cabinet, the middle of the brush between the two poles in the shaft gear-shaped axial fan, by the rotor rotation of the grinding of graphite toner, brush Fever timely pumping away, to achieve the role of clean cooling. If the door is not strict door, or forget to close the inspection, the outside of the dust along with hot air into the brush, attached to the brush column, on the one hand affect the brush heat. On the other hand, when the brush sparks due to the brush column surface is dirty, brushing between the insulation strength is not easy to ring the fire.

  Motorcycle Carbon Brush In addition, the slip ring on the car with a spiral groove, which is to increase the brush cooling area, improve contact with the brush, so that the brush is more fully cooled, while more easily let the toner away. If the door is not strict, the fan pumping force outside the dust is also very easy to attach in the spiral groove, the consequences can be imagined. Exciter brush to consider the voltage level is relatively low exposed in the outside, it is also recommended that the maintenance of regular cleaning. A few days ago I plant had a sparking brush sparking forced to stop the incident, the reasons for many, often small things lead to disaster