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The Winter Solstice--Chinese Traditional Festival

Dec 22, 2017

The winter solstice is a very important solar term in our lunar calendar. It is also a traditional festival. So far there are still many places where there are customs for the winter solstice. The winter solstice commonly known as "winter", "long to the festival", "Asian" and so on. As early as 2,500 years ago, in the Spring and Autumn Period, our country had already measured the winter solstice with the Tugui observation sun and it was one of the earliest formulated in the 24 solar terms. Time in the annual Gregorian calendar on December 22 or 23.


About the winter solstice legend

In the past, Beijing used the term "winter solstice wonton summer solstice". According to legend, during the Han Dynasty, the northern Huns frequently harassed the frontier and the people were not allowed peace. Huns at that time were Hunzhu and Tun's two chiefs, very cruel. The people hated it, so with the meat bag into a corner children, take "muddy" and "Tuen" sound, called "wonton." Hate to eat, and seek peace to quell the crisis, can live a peaceful life. Because the wonton was originally made in the winter solstice this day, every winter solstice eat wonton households.

Eat "pinch cold ear" is commonly known as the winter solstice Henan people eat dumplings. Why is there such a food customs? According to legend, Nanyang Medical Sheng Zhang Zhongjing once in Changsha as an official, he told the old age when it is winter heavy snow, the wind bleak. He saw the folks on both sides of the White River in Nanyang clothing does not cover the body, many people's ears were frozen rotten, and my heart was very sad, called his disciples erected in Nanyang Kanto shed, with lamb, pepper and some cold medicine placed pot Cooked, remove and chopped, with the dough bag imaging ears look, and then put the pot cooked, made of a called "cold Kegon soup," the drug to people to eat. After taking, the folks' ears are cured. Later, every winter solstice, people imitate eating, so the formation of "pinch ears" such a custom. After people call it "dumplings, and some call it" flat food "and" hot noodles dumplings ", people also have said to have eaten winter solstice frozen dumplings.