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That The Power Tools Carbon Brush To Do Regular Maintenance Work

Jun 30, 2017

That the Power Tools Carbon Brush to do regular maintenance work
(1) When the load suddenly disconnect, the turbine speed will rise so high that the cause of the accident, in the absence of special management, to take anti-speed measures. For example, the motor is equipped with more blades, the larger the cooling fan, because the power consumption of the fan is proportional to the third power of the speed is proportional to the speed increase when the power consumption of the fan significantly increased, limiting the maximum speed to ensure safe operation. Can also be used to protect the device, when the sudden rise in speed when the water into the yin, to prevent the generation of over-voltage.
(2) power tool carbon brush that parallel with the grid in the generator, when the power outage or overhaul, it should be noted that the generator may be sent to the grid, this time should be opened parallel switch.
(3) If the use of asynchronous motor to do the generator, in addition to the main capacitor to provide reactive excitation, but also with the load changes corresponding to increase or decrease the auxiliary compensation capacitor, in order to avoid over voltage or voltage collapse of the situation The
(4) to do regular maintenance work. Check whether the filter is damaged or blocked, overflow pipe is blocked, turbine and generator is running properly.
The current product rotation parts and the static part of the conduction between each other may be a very important accessories. Has a good sliding touch effect, compared to resistivity and contact resistance are also special requirements, under normal circumstances to graphite may be very important raw materials. The effect of the Power Tools Carbon Brush is still connected with the current between the two devices that should be moved. The most common is the motor power tool carbon brush, there may also be linear motion tram, electric locomotive Power Tools Carbon Brush. Power tools carbon brush different contours, the use of the motor for the rectangle, placed on the brush holder. Electric tools carbon brush and power tools carbon brush or slip ring between each other have a certain pressure, large electric tools carbon brush structure is very complex, low-end power tools carbon brush is very simple and cheap. Power Tools Carbon Brush current is not the same, several large-scale electric tools on the carbon brush with conductive devices, low-end often led by the elastic conductive film. Power tools Carbon brush materials are made of graphite, the purpose is to increase the conductivity, and made of copper-containing graphite, graphite, high-quality conductivity, soft texture and wear. Power Tools Carbon Brush into the brush holder, the electric tool should be free to move the carbon brush can be free to move, it is only in order to determine the power tool carbon brush under the pressure of the spring with the continuous wear and tear, the second and commutator or The collector ring is kept in close contact. Therefore, the power tool carbon brush between the multiple side of the brush holder and the inner wall must leave a certain gap. So long proved that the gap is usually between 0.2 to 0.3 mm.
  Power tool Carbon brush is a means of transmitting energy or signal, which is mainly used for rotating machinery between the fixed part and the rotating part, with the Power Tools Carbon Brush application continues to expand, its installation method is also more important, the following Come and give you a brief introduction:
     1. Power tool carbon brush into the brush to ensure that the upper and lower free to move, the Power Tools Carbon Brush and brush grip the gap between the wall in the 0.1-0.3 mm to avoid the Power Tools Carbon Brush and brush grip due to the gap Big swing. Brush the lower edge of the brush from the surface of the commutator should be kept at about 2 mm. If the distance is too small, brush grip easy to touch the Power Tools Carbon Brush, the distance is too large, the Power Tools Carbon Brush is easy to cause damage. The same time as the above-
     2. In the same motor, in principle, should use the same type of electric tools carbon brush, but for the individual for the special difficulties of large and medium-sized motor, can be used Gemini Power Tools Carbon Brush, sliding into the side with good lubrication, Out of the edge of the spark with a strong ability to suppress the power tool carbon brush, so that the power tool carbon brush to improve the operation. The same time as the above-
     3. Apply to the same motor power tools carbon brush unit pressure should strive to uniform, so as to avoid uneven distribution of current, resulting in individual power tools carbon brush overheating and sparks. The unit pressure of the Power Tools Carbon Brush should be selected according to the "Power Tools Carbon Brush technology performance table". For motor with higher speed or motor working under vibration condition, the unit pressure should be increased. For example: traction machine motor power tool carbon brush unit pressure of 0.4-0.6kgf / cm2.
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