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Selection Brush

Jan 14, 2017

1, from the intuitive view, the brush should be chamfered proper, specification appropriate normal structure, wire cross section and length you want, no wobbles, falls off, damaged, edges, corners, clamps and other phenomena.
2, using the brush symbol of good application properties mainly in the following circumstances:
(1) long life and do not wear the commutator or slip ring, the commutator is not scratches, uneven, Ablation, drawing and so on.
(2) has a good commutation and current performance, and energy loss.
(3) the brush run, without overheating, noise, not damaged, pigtail no color, no erosion.
(4) during operation, at the commutator or slip ring surface quickly form a uniform. 3, through the equipment to test for the brush. From a technical perspective, brush shall conform to the national standard. Instruments can be used to brush the brush technical form in accordance with the requirements of performance testing. Brush the resistivity, Rockwell hardness, density and current density, the contact voltage drop and coefficient of friction, wear for 50 hours, allowed the circumferential speed, pressure, or even size of the metal content, and so on.