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Replace The Power Tools Carbon Brush To Be Noted

Jun 14, 2017

Replace the Power Tools Carbon Brush to be noted

Specifically for some micro-motor and automobile, motorcycle starter motor produced by the high-end products, mainly on the micro motor rotor commutator precision turning, motor commutator finish is relatively high, electric tools between the carbon brush spark The same can be a lot of reduction, noise is small, so you can improve the performance of the motor. Electric tools carbon brush after a certain degree of wear and tear need to be replaced, but if you are ready to replace the new power tools when the carbon brush, it is best to all the power tools all the carbon brush all replaced by new, because if the new electric When the carbon brush and the old electric tool are mixed with the carbon brush, the current distribution may be uneven.

For a variety of models of large motor units, if the shutdown due to the replacement of electric tools carbon brush to affect the normal production, we under normal circumstances can be recommended for each replacement of 20% of the Power Tools Carbon Brush, that is, each motor A brush of 20%, so the replacement, then about 1 to 2 weeks each time interval, and so on after the gradual run-in and then the rest of the power tool carbon brush replacement work, so you can ensure that the motor unit can be a continuous continuous operation The.

But we need to pay attention to our customers, in the same motor above, in the replacement of electric tools when the carbon brush, you should try to use the same type of electric tools carbon brush, but for individual for special difficulties in large and medium-sized motor, you can The use of Gemini power tools carbon brush, because the Gemini power tool carbon brush sliding edge of the lubrication performance is still relatively good, so slide out once you can use the ability to suppress the spark of the power tool carbon brush, you can make the power tool carbon brush operation Improved.

  Motor power tool carbon brush is unreasonable. Some motor power tools carbon brush the number of design less, so that each power tool carbon brush on the current density increases, leading to electric tools carbon brush and slip ring overheating. If the running time is long, will make the brush braids high temperature discoloration, electric tools, carbon brush overheating expansion or cracking, resulting in electric tools carbon brush in the brush grip stuck, electric tools, carbon brush and slip ring surface burning marks. At present, brand-name power tools carbon brush imitation more users to buy such a power tool carbon brush easily lead to collecting ring or commutator spark phenomenon, is bound to affect the production. Users in the order of electric tools when the carbon brush must be purchased to the regular Shanghai Morgan power tools carbon brush brush. Brush wear to a certain extent to replace the new brush, the brush is best to replace all the time, if the old mix, there may be uneven current distribution phenomenon. For large units, the replacement of the brush, it is bound to affect the production, you can choose to stop, we usually recommend that the user's practice is to replace each 20% of the brush (that is, each motor brush 20%), each Interval of 1-2 weeks, to be run and then gradually replace the rest of the brush to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

        In order to make the brush and the commutator contact is good, the new brush should be grinding radian, grinding radian is generally carried out on the motor. Place a fine glass of sandpaper between the brush and the commutator. Under normal spring pressure, grind the brush in the direction of rotation of the motor. The sandpaper should try to close the commutator until the brush surface matches and then remove Sandpaper, with compressed air blowing dust, and then wipe clean with a soft cloth. Grinding brush should not use emery paper, to prevent the diamond particles embedded in the commutator slot, the motor running, scrape the brush and commutator surface. After grinding, the motor first 20-30% of the load to run for several hours, so that brush and commutator running, and the establishment of uniform oxide film. And then gradually increase the current to the rated load.