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Replace The Carbon Brush With Caution

Jul 18, 2017

Replace the Carbon Brush with caution

Double servo motor rotor commutator finish turning machine is designed for some special machine and the production of automobiles, motorcycles starting motor high-end products, mainly for electric motor commutator rotor precision turning processing, motor commutator high degree of finish, sparks between the Carbon Brush can also do a lot of noise reduction, small, so can improve the performance of the motor. Carbon Brush will need to be replaced after a certain degree of wear and tear, but if ready to replace Carbon Brush, the best is a one-time change into a new, all the Carbon Brush because if the old and the new Carbon Brush Carbon Brush when mixed together, it may appear uneven distribution of current situation.

For various types of large electric unit, because if the downtime to replace Carbon Brush affect the normal production, every time we can advice in general circumstances of the replacement of 20% of the Carbon Brush, which is 20% of each of each motor Carbon Brush rod, such replacement, every time need about 1 to 2 weeks of time interval, such as the adaptation of the gradual change your job before the rest of the Carbon Brush, so we can ensure the normal order of the electric generator can run continuously.

But we need to note is that customers in the same motor, at the time of replacement of Carbon Brush, should try to use the same type of Carbon Brush, but individual reversing particularly difficult for large and medium-sized motor, you can also use the twin Carbon Brush, because Gemini slide to the edge of the lubrication performance of Carbon Brush, or better, so can slip out of the side once adopted to suppress the Carbon Brush of spark ability, can improve the operation of the Carbon Brush. ,

After the motor Carbon Brush used for a period of wear, even the Carbon Brush will wear out, what is the situation? How to solve it? Here are a few common reasons and solutions to the wear and tear of motor Carbon Brushes.

1. Motor overload - reduces and limits the motor load

Grease - cleaning commutator or collector ring on the commutator or collector ring

The resistance between the Carbon Brush and the Carbon Brush is not equal - - clean and tighten the joint

4. Carbon Brush contact surface has abrasion particles - resurface and sweep Carbon Brush surface

5. Current distribution is not uniform - adjust the Carbon Brush pressure

6. The Carbon Brush model is mixed - only one type of Carbon Brush can be installed

Normal start time current is large, there is spark, normal operation without spark. Can be removed from the following points:

1. Check whether the motor Carbon Brush length is too short to reach the lifeline, causing the pressure of the small Carbon Brush to not reach the slip ring

2. Check whether the spring pressure is suitable, and if it is small, it can lead to the Carbon Brush discharge

3. Check the surface finish of the slip ring. If it is too hairy, it will increase the contact resistance of the Carbon Brush

4. Check rotor electrical, ensure normal resistance, no short circuit between turns

5. Check whether the bearing is too large for the oil gap, causing the rotor to rotate with a large amount of the Carbon Brush, and check whether the radial beat of the sliding ring surface is too large. Carbon Brush poppers cause sparks

6. Whether the Carbon Brush is consistent with the previous use, the Carbon Brush has a requirement for the conduction current and friction speed.