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Replace The Carbon Brush Note

Jan 14, 2017

For various model of large electric unit, if because downtime replaced carbon brush effect to normal of production, we in general situation zhixia can recommends each of replaced 20% of carbon brush, is each Taiwan motor of each brush rod of 20%, such replaced words, about each need 1-2 week of interval time,, gradually of running zhihou again for remaining carbon brush of replaced work, such on can guarantee electric unit can normal of continuous run has.
But need we General customer note of is, in same Taiwan Motor above, in replaced carbon brush of when, should as using same species model of carbon brush, but for individual reversing special difficult of medium motor, also can using Gemini carbon brush, because Gemini carbon brush of sliding into side of lubrication performance also is compared good of, so sliding out side once used can suppress sparks capacity of carbon brush, on can makes carbon brush of run get improved.