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Power Tools Carbon Brush Should Be Replaced In The Following Cases

Jul 28, 2017

Power Tools Carbon Brush should be replaced in the following cases
Power Tools Carbon Brush appears in the following circumstances should be replaced: 1, wear serious (less than the original length of 1/3); 2, serious damage; 3, electric tools, carbon brush and slip ring contact surface less than 70%.
Replacement method of Power Tools Carbon Brush:
1, hand holding the power tool carbon brush handle counterclockwise rotation 90 degrees, out out, remove the brush grip, electric tools, carbon brush and spring;
2, hold the spring, the Power Tools Carbon Brush out, with a screwdriver loose brush braid fixed bolts, the old electric tools to remove the carbon brush;
3, will be used 00 sandpaper polished finished power tool carbon brush in the brush grip, with a screwdriver fastening brush braid fixed bolts;
4, gently pull the brush braids, check the power tool carbon brush is easy to move in the brush grip, and check whether the spring pressure can be Power Tools Carbon Brush back;
5, hand holding the power tool carbon brush handle, the brush will be aligned on the convergence ring on the card slot slowly brush grip complex, and then hand clockwise direction handle 90 degrees;
6, check the power tool carbon brush and slip ring contact is good.
Power tool carbon brush can shorten the manufacturing cycle, the production cost is greatly reduced. Due to the need for any special equipment, especially suitable for on-site processing of large carbon steel elbow. The blank is flat or can be curved surface, so the material is simple, easy to guarantee, easy assembly and welding.
Power tool carbon brush for welding when the note:
1, in order to prevent the Power Tools Carbon Brush because of heating and produce eye erosion, welding current should not be too much, less than about 20% of carbon steel electrode, the arc should not be too long, cold between the layers, narrow bead is appropriate.
2, the power tool after the hard brushing brush harder, easy to crack. If the same type of Power Tools Carbon Brush welding, must be more than 300 ℃ preheating and 700 ℃ after the slow cooling treatment. If the weldment can not be heat treated after welding. You should use the Power Tools Carbon Brush electrode.
Power tools carbon brush has a certain corrosion resistance (oxidizing acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat and wear resistance. Usually applicable to the oil, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries such as pipeline system.
Power Tools Carbon Brush after a certain degree of wear and tear need to be replaced, but if you are ready to replace the new power tools when the carbon brush, it is best to all the power tools all the carbon brush all replaced by new, because if the new electric When the carbon brush and the old electric tool are mixed with the carbon brush, the current distribution may be uneven.
For a variety of models of large motor units, if the shutdown due to the replacement of Power Tools Carbon Brush to affect the normal production, we under normal circumstances can be recommended for each replacement of 20% of the Power Tools Carbon Brush, that is, each motor A brush of 20%, so the replacement, then about 1 to 2 weeks each time interval, and so on after the gradual run-in and then the rest of the power tool carbon brush replacement work, so you can ensure that the motor unit can be a continuous continuous operation The.
But we need to pay attention to our customers, in the same motor above, in the replacement of electric tools when the carbon brush, you should try to use the same type of Power Tools Carbon Brush, but for individual for special difficulties in large and medium-sized motor, you can The use of Gemini power tools carbon brush, because the Gemini power tool carbon brush sliding edge of the lubrication performance is still relatively good, so slide out once you can use the ability to suppress the spark of the power tool carbon brush, you can make the power tool carbon brush operation Improved.
Double servo motor rotor commutator car is specialized for some micro motor and motor vehicles, motorcycles starting motor produced by high-end products, mainly for micro motor rotor commutator precision turning, motor commutator finish is relatively high , The spark between the Power Tools Carbon Brush can also be a lot of reduction, noise is small, so you can improve the performance of the motor.