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Power Tool Carbon Brush Quality Parameters

May 27, 2017

 Power tool carbon brush quality parameters

  Power Tools Carbon Brush Carbon brush quality requirements

  Spark check: change the spark no load / load less than 1 1/2 size inspection: carbon brush body size in line with the size of the product design requirements; welding quality inspection: lugs and carbon braids to withstand 50N tensile test; Area inspection: the diameter of the carbon braid / the number of shares and winding method to meet the pattern requirements; quality assurance inspection: each batch to provide material quality assurance book (material, resistivity, Shore hardness, bulk density, etc.).


  1, no material mixed parts, wrong with the phenomenon;

  2, the surface of the workpiece should be uniform color, material unity;

  3, no damage, cracks, lack of material and so on;

  4, lugs and other stamping parts clean, no obvious glitches;

  5, carbon brush braid winding neat, no loose line phenomenon;

  Carbon brush braid filling inspection

  1. Check the body, fill carbon brush braid buried depth of less than 5MM;

  2. Carbon brush braid landfill should be neat and orderly;

  3. Carbon brush body and carbon brush braids can withstand 15N of tension;

  Life check

  1. No load operation, the amount of damage is less than 0.08 ~ 0.10MM / H;

  2. Power Tools Carbon Brush Load operation, the amount of damage is less than 0.10 ~ 0.15MM / H

  Hardness inspection in line with national / industry standard products to be fully in line with ROHS requirements, some of the environmental requirements of products such as PAHS, DOP, etc., must provide a third-party test report