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Install The Power Tools Carbon Brush Need To Pay Attention To The Points

Aug 09, 2017

Install the Power Tools Carbon Brush need to pay attention to the points
 Power tools Carbon brush As a common part of the motor, we have to master the method of installing it, in the Power Tools Carbon Brush installation process we have to pay attention to the following points.
First of all, to ensure that the brush into the brush can be free to move up and down, and we have to control the brush inside the brush and the distance between the brush, to 0.1 to 0.3mm, the gap is too large will produce a swing, we want to avoid this Happening. At the same time we have to control the brush under the edge and the surface of the commutator distance, the distance to about 2mm.
Secondly, in the match of the electric tool carbon brush, we have to follow the same motor only use the same type of carbon brush principle. Of course, there are special circumstances, such as a small amount of commutation difficult large and medium-sized motor, we can use Gemini brush. Because the Gemini carbon brush sliding into the side of the lubrication performance and slip out of the edge to suppress the spark ability to ensure that the carbon brush is running normally.
The last point is that the role of the same motor carbon brush unit pressure to be as uniform as possible, otherwise there will be uneven distribution of current, this will lead to some Power Tools Carbon Brush hot, or even spark. For high-speed motors and motors operating under vibration conditions, we have to increase the unit pressure to ensure that it works properly.
How long can the electric tool carbon brush be used? This problem has been troubled by us, and will be troubled, why? Because the life of the electric tool carbon brush is difficult to have the exact life value. Like a person can live for how long, from the disease, natural disasters, people can live seven or eight years old, but a variety of external factors will affect people's life, the same external factors will seriously affect the Electric tool carbon brush of the various parameters, which is the factory can not control, such as load conditions, vibration, oil or chemicals, spring pressure, slip ring eccentricity, surface temperature is too high or too low, etc., a part of. All of these parameters are determined by the machine itself. As a manufacturer, in order to allow consumers to be assured, we can only give some wear and tear of the reference value. Such as fixed machine 2 ~ 7mm / 1000hrs, traction machine 2 ~ 4mm / 1000km, our proposal is that under the optimized conditions, you can achieve the best value of the lower limit.
 Motor brush grinding poor contact area is small. In response to this situation, we have to re-grinding brush or let the motor work at low load for some time until the brush so far, it is necessary to emphasize that the brush is short, brush polished to a certain value, Re-use, must be replaced by electric tools carbon brush.
2. The Power Tools Carbon Brush and lead contact, and the connection between the lead and the terminal is loose. After this happens, the contact resistance will become larger, resulting in uneven load distribution. So we have to check the copper braid and the electric tool carbon brush with the contact, and then check the lead wire in the screw is tightened to ensure good contact.
3. Slip ring and Power Tools Carbon Brush surface is not clean. According to the degree of unclean, will lead to friction in the individual electric tool carbon brush or even all the electric tools on the carbon brush spark. The solution to this problem is to use a clean cloth to dip a small amount of alcohol on the slip ring to wipe, electric tools, carbon brush only need to use a clean cloth to wipe, do not need alcohol. Then, on the grinding tool, the fine glass sandpaper is used to grind the slip ring. Here also by the way, slip ring is not round or uneven surface and serious wear or striking, we have to car grinding.
4. The Power Tools Carbon Brush pressure is not uniform, or does not meet the requirements. We have to use the spring to test the brush pressure, and then adjust the pressure value to 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa between, and then fine-tuning to ensure that the Power Tools Carbon Brush pressure to be uniform.
5. Power Tools Carbon Brush in the brush frame swing or action stagnant, the spark increases with the load. For this situation, we have to check whether the electric Power Tools Carbon Brush can move freely up and down, and then replace the swing and stagnant Power Tools Carbon Brush, replace the Power Tools Carbon Brush should pay attention to it in the brush box to have 0.1 to 0.2mm gap.