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How Does The Power Tools Carbon Brush Work In The Motor?

Jun 22, 2017

How does the Power Tools Carbon Brush work in the motor?
1. The external current (excitation current) through the power tool carbon brush and added to the rotating rotor (input current) power tool carbon brush
2. The static load on the large shaft through the Power Tools Carbon Brush into the earth (grounding power tool carbon brush) (output current)
3. Change the direction of the current (in the commutator motor, the brush also plays a commutation role)
4. The large shaft (ground) lead to the protection device for the rotor ground protection and measurement of the rotor positive and negative voltage to the ground commutator by the brush and commutation ring composition, Power Tools Carbon Brush is a brush. As the rotor rotation, brush always with the commutator ring friction, and in the moment of commutation will produce EDM, so the brush is a DC motor in the wearing parts. In order to improve the life of the DC motor, operating stability and reduce the DC motor noise and electromagnetic interference, brushless DC motor has gradually replaced the trend of brush motor. General AC motor without constant magnetic field, so do not need commutator, it does not need brush; but the size of the AC motor is generally relatively large. Household electrical appliances are generally used in the motor, such as electric fans, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and so no power tools carbon brush, but there are also using DC motors, such as many electric shavers, kitchen small appliances, electric bicycles and so on There are electric tools carbon brush, that is, DC motor (not including brushless) have. The motors that use the dry batteries are DC motors.
The use of electric tools carbon brush consumers know that in use to a certain extent will be worn, of course, no perfect people. At this time we have to do a good job of updating the power tool carbon brush preparation, and our best one-time to his all changed, if the new Power Tools Carbon Brush and electric tools on the carbon brush with the mix, which will lead to uneven current distribution The. So we are all replaced by a new bar
For a variety of models of large motor units, if the shutdown due to the replacement of electric tools carbon brush affect the normal production, we under normal circumstances can be recommended for each replacement of 20% of the Power Tools Carbon Brush, that is, each motor A brush of 20%, so the replacement, then about 1 to 2 weeks each time interval, and so on after the gradual run-in and then the rest of the power tool carbon brush replacement work, so you can ensure that the motor unit can be a continuous continuous operation The.
But we need our customers Note that the same motor in the above, in the replacement of electric tools when the carbon brush, you should try to use the same type of electric tools carbon brush, but for individual for special difficulties in large and medium-sized motor can also The use of Gemini power tools carbon brush, because the Gemini power tool carbon brush sliding edge of the lubrication performance is still relatively good, so slide out once you can use the ability to suppress the spark of the power tool carbon brush, you can make the power tool carbon brush operation Improved.
Double servo motor rotor commutator fine car machine is designed for some micro motor and motor vehicle, motorcycle starter motor produced by high-end products, mainly for micro motor rotor commutator precision turning, motor commutator finish is relatively high , The spark between the Power Tools Carbon Brush can also be a lot of reduction, noise is small, so you can improve the performance of the motor.