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Energy-efficient Motor As The Motor Market Trends

Jan 14, 2017

In the context of the global energy, development of energy-efficient motor global motor industry consensus. United States, and Canada, and Mexico, and Brazil, and Australia and New Zealand and other countries have developed a motor energy efficiency standard and energy efficiency labeling system, motor energy conservation and efficiency was clear timetable, implementation modalities and scope of application. For example, United States enacted in EPACT standard NEMA Premium ultra-energy-efficient standards, EU EU-CEMEP standard, Australia AS/NS1359.5-2000 China and GB18613-2012 standards.
In motor system energy-saving aspects, China have introduced has some guide policy, especially 2008 yihou, speed up has eliminated low effect motor and the drag equipment of speed, strengthening has efficient energy-saving motor promotion efforts; May 2009, Treasury and national NDRC will efficient, and super efficient motor application included Huimin engineering; 2009 and 2012 industrial and information Department also has released has two batch "high energy behind electromechanical equipment (products) eliminated directory"; May 2010, Of finance and the State development and Reform Commission and high efficiency motors into the scope of projects benefiting the implementation of energy-saving products; the industrial energy-saving "Twelve-Five" plan and the "Twelve-Five" programme of energy saving and environmental protection industries to include motor system energy conservation in key energy-saving projects proposed demonstration of rare-earth permanent-magnet iron core motors, motors with cast copper rotor technology, high efficiency and energy saving motor technology and equipment.