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Do You Want To Run The Carbon Brush?

Aug 18, 2017

Do you want to run the Carbon Brush?
Carbon Brush is a DC motor or winding motor to the rotor conductive device, can only be passed through it to the rotor up, the role of the motor is to change the current direction of the DC motor and AC motor, DC motor is to change the rotor Convert the coil to change the rotor pole. Thereby changing the movement of the motor. Because the Carbon Brush is relatively soft, and wear-resistant, smooth, not easy to play spark. Conductive performance Ye Hao, not easy to oxidation, deterioration, deformation. So it is generally used for conductive contact surface.
Carbon Brush running in three ways are natural running, manual running, the tool running. Carbon Brush friction surface and the friction surface of the rotating parts to be completely, the current transmission will be uniform. If you do not run the work, the motor will run when there are sparks. The way to run is as follows:
Natural running:
After the Carbon Brush is installed, start the motor running in the case of no load, so that the natural running (about 0.5-3 hours, depending on the size of the different circumstances).
Manual running:
In the case of motor power, sandpaper to run the work.
Tool running:
To grinding and other maintenance tools in the start of the motor running in the case of no load to run the work, the need for professionals to implement.
What kind of material Carbon Brush wear resistance? Carbon Brush is also called brush According to the brush production method, divided into two categories: one is colored brush, that is, metal graphite brush, the other is a black brush. Colored brushes, containing non-ferrous metals, mainly copper powder, silver powder, followed by lead powder, tin powder, lead oxide powder, the balance for the flake graphite powder. How much of the metal powder content depends on the technical requirements of the brush. Most of the brush material is made of graphite, in order to increase the conductivity, there are made of copper-containing graphite, graphite has a good electrical conductivity, soft texture and wear.
A device that transfers energy or signals between a fixed part of a motor or generator or other rotating machine. It is usually made of pure carbon and coagulant. The exterior is usually a square, stuck on a metal bracket, inside There is a spring to press it on the shaft, the motor rotation, the power through the inverter delivery to the coil, because its main component is carbon, called Carbon Brush, it is easy to wear. Should be regularly replaced and clean up the carbon.
Carbon Brush running common faults and treatment methods: In order to protect the normal operation of the motor, the correct choice of brush model is very important, because the manufacture of brushes used in the selection of raw materials and processes, its technical performance is also different. Therefore, when selecting the brush, you should consider the performance of brush and motor brush requirements. Brush use performance good signs should be:
A in the commutator or collector ring surface can quickly form a layer of uniform, moderate and stable oxide film.
B brush long life, does not wear commutator or collector ring
C brush has a good commutation and current collection performance, so that the spark within the allowable range, and the energy loss is small.
D brush running, but hot, low noise, reliable assembly, no damage.