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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Carbon Brush Failure Causes

Nov 02, 2017

Common causes of Motorcycle Carbon Brush failure causes
What is the Motorcycle Carbon Brush? Those who have not come into contact with this industry really will not know. A motorcycle brush is a conductive member that is in electrical contact with a moving member for sliding contact. Motorcycle Carbon Brush is used in the commutator or slip ring, as the introduction of the export current of the sliding contact body. Do not look at it very small, but it is also a very critical part, if it fails is very troublesome. Let's take a look at the cause of the Motorcycle Carbon Brush failure analysis.
1, electromagnetic factors
Reactive or excitation current adjustment, the Motorcycle Carbon Brush spark has changed significantly. In the exciter for the direction, the Motorcycle Carbon Brush and the exchange of bad contact, contact resistance is too large. Commutator or slip ring of the oxide film is not uniform thickness, causing the motorcycle brush current distribution is not balanced. Or sudden changes in load, as well as sudden short circuit lead to commutation between the voltage distribution anomalies; unit overload and imbalance. Motorcycle Carbon Brush selection is unreasonable, motorcycle brush distance ranging from motorcycles; motorcycle brush quality problems and so on.
2, mechanical factors
Commutator center is not correct, the rotor is not balanced, the unit vibration, for the film between the insulation protruding or rewinding protruding, the motorcycle brush contact surface grinding is not smooth, or commutator surface rough and poor contact To the surface of the device is not clean, each change from the air gap, motorcycle brush on the spring pressure is not uniform or size is not appropriate, the motorcycle brush in the brush is too loose and beating, or too tight motorcycle The carbon brush stuck in the brush. Unit operating speed is reduced or vibration is improved and sparks will be reduced.
3, chemical factors
The unit is running in a corrosive gas, or the unit operating space lacks oxygen, the commutator and the motorcycle brush on the surface of the brush on the surface of a layer of natural formation of copper oxide film was destroyed, has been formed, similar to the linear resistance The commutation is no longer present, and the commutator sparks are exacerbated during the re-formation of the oxide film on the contact surface. The commutator (or slip ring) is corroded by acid gas or grease.
A very important basis for determining the quality performance of a Motorcycle Carbon Brush is the wear rate of a motorcycle brush. Motorcycle Carbon Brush wear rate is smaller, the longer its service life. The same because the Motorcycle Carbon Brush wear rate at a relatively small time, the relevant equipment operation and maintenance personnel will be relatively small workload, operating costs are very low.
1, slip ring surface finish will cause some wear on the Motorcycle Carbon Brush: If the smooth surface of the slip ring is relatively high, because the friction coefficient will be relatively small, then the Motorcycle Carbon Brush wear rate It can be reduced. In addition we all know that the surface of the slip ring has a layer of oxide film, the main role is to reduce the slip ring and motorcycle friction between the carbon brush coefficient, so as to reduce the degree of wear and tear of the motorcycle brush.
2, the pressure of the compression spring will also affect the degree of wear and tear of the motorcycle brush: the pressure of the pressure must be adjusted moderate, because if the pressure spring pressure is too large, it will increase the Motorcycle Carbon Brush mechanical wear; The pressure is too small, although the motorcycle between the carbon brush and slip ring between the friction generated smaller, but likely to cause poor contact with the spark.
3, the current will also affect the Motorcycle Carbon Brush wear. Under normal circumstances, the graphite Motorcycle Carbon Brush in the positive Motorcycle Carbon Brush current flow than the negative motorcycles carbon brush current flow is relatively large, casually will cause the positive Motorcycle Carbon Brush wear degree than the negative Motorcycle Carbon Brush wear a little more. And the wear of the positive slip ring is also more than the negative slip ring, then each time the unit overhaul, we can adjust the Motorcycle Carbon Brush positive and negative cable head to achieve the purpose of delay wear.