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Brushes Fault Handling

Jan 14, 2017

1. in order to guarantee normal operation of the motor, is very important to properly select the brush model, due to the manufacture of brushes, the raw materials and technologies, its performance also varies. So when you select a brush, should be considered properties of brush and brush of the motor on request. Brush using a good logo should:
A in the commutator or slip ring can quickly form a layer on the surface even, moderate and stable oxide films.
B Electric brush of long life, do not wear the commutator or slip ring
C brush has a good commutation and current performance, the spark suppression within the allowable range, and energy loss.
D brush run, without overheating, low noise, reliable Assembly and is not damaged.
2. brush into the brush to ensure that can move freely up and down, brush and brush inside wall gaps between 0.1-0.3 mm, to avoid the brush and brush-clearance is too large swings. Distance of the bottom edge of the brush-commutator surface should be kept at about 2 mm. If the distance is too small, brush easily touch the commutator, distance is too large, brush is easy to unintentionally cause breakage.
3. on the same machine, should, in principle, use the same type of brush, but for individual directional control particularly difficult medium and large motors, twin brush can be used, slide it into the side with good lubricating properties, leaving edge spark suppression ability of brush, so that the brush run better.