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Application Of Slip Rings

Jan 14, 2017

In General, steel ring, good wear resistance, mechanical strength, and therefore used mostly caused by the polarity of synchronous motor collector ring wear difference. Steel can be processed into a complex structure, it is a cheap and readily available materials, so widely used including low circumferential speed of hydrogenerators, synchronous motors. Like the turbo-generator, with emphasis on high circumferential speeds of mechanical strength and wear-resistance of ring, occasionally made from forged steel. In addition, when corrosion resistance is required, use a stainless steel, stainless steel sliding characteristics of instability, inappropriate is often combined with the brush the brush produces beats, easily brush high temperature or abnormal wear, so it must be used with careful. Bronze castings, copper set ring compared with the steel ring, good sliding properties, it is widely used, but when when the contain a lot of low melting-point lead, arising from the power point heat lead, easily lead to set ring wear or brush wear.
On the collector ring and brush support, when the wipers are overly abrasive and ring when the material is too soft, often equivalent to the width of the brush on the collector ring step wear. Particularly high temperatures and low humidity in totally enclosed motor, more likely to cause excessive wear of the brushes or slip rings. Such as the scars are formed, initially only very small scars, brush on these areas slip bad spark. Once the spark, the bruises gradually deteriorated expanded, eventually forming the brush size of the sliding contact surfaces of the same size scars. Thus, slip ring brush for even very small Sparks, must also be attended to.