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A Carbon Brush Is A Commutator Or Slip Ring For A Motor

Jun 30, 2017

A Carbon Brush is a commutator or slip ring for a motor
The Carbon Brush is used as a commutator or slip ring for a motor. As a sliding contact body for deriving the incoming current, the Carbon Brush is particularly conductive and thermally conductive and lubricated, and has a certain mechanical strength and commutation of the instinct of the spark The So what kind of Carbon Brush it?
1, according to the product material is mainly divided into electrochemical graphite, dipped in graphite, metal (including copper, silver) graphite.
2, according to the Carbon Brush material soft and hard can be divided into soft brush, in the hard brush and hard brush.
3, according to the use of Carbon Brush objects can be divided into turbo generator brush, rolling motor useful brush, traction motor brush, car tractor brush, power tools brush, aircraft motor electricity.
4, according to the color of Carbon Brush is divided into black brush (made of pure carbon graphite material) and colored brushes (made of copper and other metal materials and graphite).
Almost all motors use Carbon Brushes, which are an important part of the motor. As the manufacture of Carbon Brush when the choice of raw materials and processes are different, its technical performance is also different. Therefore, in the choice of Carbon Brush, you should consider the performance of Carbon Brush and motor brush requirements.
The role of Carbon Brush you have to understand the role of Carbon Brush, you first need to understand the basic principles of energy and kinetic energy conversion, that is, to understand the principle of the motor. The principle of power generation.
Is the magnetic field after cutting the wire, the current in the wire. The generator is used to cut the wire by rotating the magnetic field. The rotating magnetic field is the rotor, and the cut wire is the stator.
In order for the rotor to generate a magnetic field, it is necessary to input a magnetizing current to the coil of the rotor. Carbon Brush is used to force the magnetic generator generated by the magnetic current into the rotor coil.
Only commutator or slip ring inside the motor have a Carbon Brush, the ordinary AC asynchronous motor is a squirrel cage structure, no Carbon Brush. The motor is the short name of the motor, that is, the motor. Motor can be divided into DC motor and AC motor, DC motor due to the rotation of the rotor, according to the coil in the constant magnetic field changes in the direction of constantly changing the direction of the current, so the DC motor coil needs a commutator.
Hand in the electric drill in the motor (motor) for the AC series motor.
In addition to induction AC asynchronous motor no outside. Other motors have, as long as the rotor has a ring to have.
The role of Carbon Brush in the motor:
1. Add the external current (excitation current) to the rotating rotor (input current) through the Carbon Brush.
2. The static load on the large axis through the Carbon Brush into the earth (ground Carbon Brush) (output current)
3. The large shaft (ground) to the protection device for the rotor to protect the ground and measure the rotor positive and negative