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Vacuum pump selection note seven elements

Jan 14, 2017

1, ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump should meet the working pressure of the process. Usually choose the ultimate pressure of the pump is lower than the technological requirements of about one order of magnitude.
2, each pump has a certain scope of work pressure, therefore, the operating point of the pump should be selected within this range, and not let it in the allowable working pressure
Long time away from work.
3. under pressure, vacuum pumps, in its work, should be able to drain away all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment.
4, produced by vacuum pump vibrations on process and environment has no effect, if the process is not allowed, no vibration of the pump should be selected or Anti-vibration measures.
5, to understand the gas composition, gas does not contain condensate in steam, particles of dust-free, non-corrosive, and so on. When the vacuum pump is selected, you need to know Gas component, select the appropriate pump by pumping gas. If the gas contains vapor, particle, and corrosive gases, should be taken into account in the pump intake
Pipeline installation of auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust collector, and so on.
6. and when you select oil sealed vacuum pumps, vacuum pump oil vapors discharged should be considered (lampblack) impact on the environment. If the environment does not allow pollution Should choose oil-free vacuum pump, oil or steam exhaust to the outdoors.
7. the selected vacuum unit: when using a vacuum pump cannot satisfy the pumping and vacuum requirements, you need to combine several pumps are complementary to Foot processing requirements.