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Ultrasonic dedicated vacuum pump maintenance

Jan 14, 2017

1. ultrasonic air inlet at the top of the control cabinet is strictly prohibited splashed into the conductive liquid (such as water). It will cause serious damage to the washing machine wiring.
2. keep the machine clean, switch off the power supply when not in use.
3. avoid collision or pounding on the machine.
4. keep away from heat.
5. the machine is stored in humid environments should be avoided.
6. the machine working hours shall not exceed 4 hours in a row, such as excessively long working hours: Rotary ultrasonic control knob to the "0" bits, and cooling fan Continue to work, in a State of ultrasonic cleaning does not start for at least 2 minutes to cool the ultrasonic control cabinets.
7. after long-running washing machine, in front of the stop should be the power knob to the 0 position, using its fan working for 3-6 minutes after the shutdown,To ensure power supply internal heat to escape.