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Troubleshooting of vortex sheet type vacuum pump

Jan 14, 2017

1, smoking, if pump is just starting a smoking operation, which is normal, if the smoke is not normal for a long time. Of the solution:
Smoke description pump inlet estuary, including the pipes, valves, vessels of repair situations. After the leak, smoke will end. Vortex flowmeters.
2, fuel injection, indicating inlet estuary has a lot of leaks, even air intake exposed the atmosphere. Solution of: seal pump inlet the pump operation, such as
Fruit does not spray oil, suggests the leak exhaust valve is damaged, check the exhaust valve is damaged, replace the bad exhaust valves.
1, beat, while the pump is running a regular sound, like the metal hit metal sound. This is spin in the hitting sound of pump body. This kind of feeling
Is mainly paired Rotary spring broken or is caused by contraction or ejection failure. Of the solution: open the pump check whether the Rotary spring damage.
Replace the spring.
2 noise, exhaust valve, exhaust valve key is pump damage. Of the solution: replace the exhaust valve. C under vacuum, rotary vane type vacuum pump
Drop: the present measurements of vortex sheet type vacuum pump vacuum than the factory index or previously used low vacuum. Causes of low vacuum has very Many here are several situations.