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The seven causes of affecting vacuum degree less than

Jan 14, 2017

1, vacuum pumps, vane wear, and cylinder friction contact surface large enough to result in insufficient vacuum level.
2, wear of cylinder and cylinder wall wear may occur, resulting in insufficient vacuum.
3, rotor movement. Rotor and cover standard installation excursion, resulting in insufficient vacuum, can find factory calibration.
4, vacuum leak, vacuum pump, after prolonged use, aging vacuum pump gasket leak, leading to insufficient vacuum.
5, motor is normal. Motor rotation speed irregular pumping speed will be slower, resulting in insufficient vacuum.
6, vacuum pump oils emulsified and carbonization. Vacuum pump in the course of long-term use does not change often and the maintenance, vacuum pump oil will emulsify Or carbonized, resulting in a vacuum pump cylinder wear, fuel line plug, oil filter blockage and other problems.
7, vacuum pump oil filter clogged or damaged. Vacuum pump oil filter also known as oil mist separator, oil filters, exhaust filter names, if oil mist