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Power pump industry development opportunity

Jan 14, 2017

Eleven-Five planning goals and investment power, China three years after Eleven-Five will also be installed at least 130 million kilowatts, with hydropower installed capacity 40 million-kilowatt, thermal power installed capacity of about 60 million-kilowatt, new installed capacity of nuclear power 70 million-kilowatt, other machine 30 million-kilowatt. During this period investment in billions more than more than 500 key projects, involving a total investment of 3 trillion yuan. 207 which thermal power project, hydro-electric projects 132, 8 nuclear power projects, wind power project 82, biomass energy 21. Therefore, the electric pump market is broad in the coming years.
Certainly power with pump of focus requirements is used energy-saving, and efficient and environmental type of various pipeline booster pump, especially development nuclear main pump, and Shang filling pump, and reactor cooling pump, and high pressure security injection pump, and boric acid pump, and nuclear a, and III pump, and Super critical and super super critical thermal power unit with pump, and boiler to pump, and Qian reset pump, and cycle pump, and condensation pump, and water ring vacuum pump, and centrifugal type except gray pump, and reciprocating type drop gray pump, and coupled device, and measurement pump, and back cold unit with pump, and flue gas desulfurization device with, various pump class products.