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Effect of vacuum pump blades

Jan 14, 2017

Vacuum pump rotor blade widely used in rotary vane vacuum pump tank vacuum pump rotor and blades were sealed in a vacuum pump inside the cylinder, using vacuum pump oil as lubrication medium increased the vacuum pump blades and cylinder body contact area under limit so as to achieve the desired state of vacuum. If the vacuum pump blades too short too thin will cause insufficient vacuum and even lead to serious failure of the vacuum pump. Here, suggest that we should be looking for when choosing vacuum pump blades have the strength, integrity management company to prove legal suppliers. Preferably some professional manufacturers of such products!
According to the principle, vacuum pump blades, two-stage pumps (also called: Vortex sheet type vacuum pump of bipolar) leaves and two single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump blades. Two-stage pump-made products are in the market for France LEYBOLD, and United Kingdom Edward brand most domestic brands have 2X series models, such as the majority. Different models, different brands, vacuum pump blades sizes and materials are not the same.