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Design improvement of rotary vane vacuum pumps

Jan 14, 2017

1) data selection: to spread the pump speed, reduce wear, increase heat, protect the pump abnormal performance, the key is how to properly choose the rotor and vanes of friction pair information. Direct coupled pump vanes use of information for a new kind of smooth materials —— alloy carbon leaching. Domestic research units also made a comprehensive test of the remaining data for rotary vane, and consequences of using carbon fiber reinforced plastic, polymer liquid crystal materials for Rotary information development cost.
2) pump curve "for high speed rotation of the pump with increased adhesion and wear between rotor and pump temperature rise, resulting in improved vane of rotary vane pump and pump Chamber between adhesion, wear and smooth development is directly connected with good performance rotary vane pump where it hurts. After a smooth elastic fluid energy practice cost-effective we find that existing pumps Rotary static with the pump, rotary vane wear between the butterfly and the pump Chamber and more substantial, it is difficult to find a suitable smooth, high-speed rotary pump temperature increase. And the way to overcome the wear is rotary vane before and after in the incense which maintain the length the same. Round in front of the pump Chamber is helpless to do so. From practice to make an envelope rotor pump-line, this line is a section with a series of gravity envelope in axially symmetric curve circle tangent to the outer envelope. Naturally, this profile processing side than the round profile, but its flower lost make up for in costs to improve pump performance. Pumps, vibration, noise, temperature, wear will be reduced a lot.
(3) the butterfly structure and vortex sheet: deal through rotary vane pump pumping speed when the speed of the pump has reached certain high value, more spin can not increase the deviation from butterfly, progress under the conditions of universal does not increase the maximum line speed. Increased spin is easy to construct a viable, and so it is a promising path of universal speed.