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For over 15 years, IUGIS carbon has been the carbon Brush Supplier and Manufacturer in China, not only in the replacement carbon brush market, but also a supplier to many of the major OEM of DC equipment. IUGIS carbon industry is able to provide all kinds of carbon brush. Power tool carbon brushes, household appliances carbon brushes, washing machine carbon brushes, vacuum cleaner carbon brush, In

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For over 15 years, IUGIS carbon has been the carbon Brush Supplier and Manufacturer in China, not only in the replacement carbon brush market, but also a supplier to many of the major OEM of DC equipment. IUGIS carbon industry is able to provide all kinds of carbon brush. Power tool carbon brushes, household appliances carbon brushes, washing machine carbon brushes, vacuum cleaner carbon brush, Industrial use various types of generator carbon brush, automobile carbon brush. Our carbon brush quality is able to compete with Morgan carbon brush; Mersen carbon brush; Schunk carbon brush and other well-known brand of carbon brushes.IUGIS carbon brushes are regularly exported to Germany, France ,United States, Kuwait, Iran, UK, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Thailand, Dubai, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore and etc.The functional characteristics of carbon brushes


◆The functional characteristics of carbon brushes

Carbon brush is the motor or generator and other rotating machinery and the main fixed part of the transfer between the energy or signal transmission device, is made of pure carbon coagulation agent, the appearance is generally a box, stuck in the metal bracket, which has Spring to press it on the shaft, the motor rotation, the power through the inverter delivery to the coil,as the sliding contact body for the introduction of the introduction current, it is conductive, thermal and lubrication performance is good, and has a certain mechanical strength and commutation spark instinct. Almost all motors use carbon brushes, which are important components of the motor. Widely used in a variety of AC and DC generators, synchronous motors, battery DC motor, crane motor collector ring, all types of welding machines and so on. With the development of science and technology, the type of motor and the use of working conditions are becoming more and more diversified. has a good commutation performance and long service life.  

Customized service

We provide all kinds of Carbon brush and can be customized according to your requirements, specifications, styles, materials,  We brush all adopt the advanced production equipment and testing instruments to meet your diversified needs.

carbon brush production equipments

Carbon Brush Material

Brush is divided into three types of materials, metal graphite, natural graphite, electro-graphite, different materials Used for Different motors

Natural graphite:

Natural graphite as the main raw material, adhesive using asphalt or resin. Baked or about 1000 ℃ sintered. Features are good lubrication performance and current collection performance. Mainly used in the smooth operation of small and medium-sized DC motor and high-speed turbine generator collector ring.

electric graphite:

This class of carbon brush consists of carbon black, coke and graphite and other carbon powder material composition. After 2500℃ high temperature treatment, so that a variety of carbon materials into microcrystalline artificial graphite. Features are excellent commutation performance and self-lubricating properties, widely used in various types of AC motor and DC motor. It’s not only long serving life, but also the commutator wear is also very small.

metal graphite:

The main raw materials are electrolytic copper powder and graphite. It also use silver powder, lead powder and other metal powder. Features are both graphite lubrication characteristics and metal high conductivity, which is suitable for high load and commutation requirements of low voltage motor. Its peripheral speed is generally not more than 30m/s.

◆Types of Carbon Brush We Offer:

   Power tool carbon brushes

   • Washing machine carbon brushes

   • Industrial generator carbon brushes

   • Motorcycle Carbon Brush

   Automobile  carbon brushes

   • Vacuum cleaning motor carbon brushes

   •Silver carbon brushes

    carbon brushes Spare parts

◆Carbon Brush Application

We stock thousands of carbon brushes for a variety of popular applications. Scope of application: power tools; power plant; steel plant; cement plant; oil drilling industry; petrochemical rubber; textile industry; paper-making industry; food industry; printing industry; forklift, and etc.

Applications for brands: Siemens, ABB, GE motors, ALSTOM, VEM, Westinghouse, Reliance, Wingey, and etc. 

Carbon Brush Grades (common):

NCC634; LFC554; T900;

J164; J201; J203; J204; J220; J330; J360; J370;

D104; D172; D202; D214; D215; D252; D308; D309; D374; D374B; D374N; D374D; D374F;

CM0; CM122; CM140; CM1S; CM1S; CM2; CM21; CM28; CM3H; CM3H; CM4; CM41;

CM4684; CM4943; CM5; CM5B; CM5H; CM6; CM61; CM8; CM8100; CM8121; CM817; CM835; CM845; CM861; CM880; CM9; CM9; 

DE2; DE21; DE3; DE4; DE46; DE7; DE7; DE700; DE7000; DE8; DE9000; DM100;DM20; DM2001; DM3632A; DM4A; DM4D; 

EG313; EG367J; EG34D; EG389P; EG396; EG362; EG40P; EG332; EG365; EG300; EG98; EG369; EG319P;

H100; H803; HAMEG18; HM2; HM24; HM477; HM5; HM6;

N1; N18; N19; N19X; N2; N20; N2000; N315; N4; N43; N44; N48; N6; N6000;

SA25; SA2522; SA35; SA3513; SA3532; SA3538; SA40; SA45; SA4513; SA4542; SA4548; SA4588; SA50;

MG49; MG50; MG70; MG88; MG803; CH17; CH33N; CG626;

MG1127; MG1147; MG1157; MG1167; MG1165; MG1190; MA1147-A; MA1147-B; MA1157; MA1167;

K14Z3; E46X; C80X; A24X; A41X

Quality Assurance

  IUGIS all models of carbon brushes are subject to strict inspection at each stage of the manufacturing process.

From starting material choosing to product pre-shipping inspection. The dimension and cable wire of carbon brush will strictly following to the OEM standards. Quality is 100% assured!

◆Packing and Delivery

Small carbon brushes are been packed by poly bags, then by cartons; Big carbon brushes packed by small cartons, and then by bigger cartons. We will also use pallet to pack super heavy cartons. All packages are marked with grade name, size and quantity. On special requests we can also make custom marking on our products.

 Your goods will be delivered by Express (DHL; FedEx; TNT; UPS; Aramex and etc) or by sea. Will choose the appropriate shipping way and discuss with customers before dispatch.

Our service 

1.  We will reply your online inquiry or inquiry email within 4 hours.

2.  Providing professional recommendation of carbon material choice.

3.  Sample providing.

4.  24-hour tracking your products delivery.

5.  Help to solve the problems when in using, and provide advice.

click to download and know more catalogs of carbon brushes or Click on the video below to view the carbon brush production process video

If you are looking for the carbon brush supplier and manufacturer in china, IUGIS Carbon Industry must be your best choice. As one of the experienced and professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the most competitive price. Please be free to get our quality products for sale.


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