Carbon Vanes Manufacturers

Carbon Vanes Manufacturers
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If you are looking for the carbon vanes manufacturers, IUGIS Carbon Industry must be your best choice. As one of the experienced and professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the most competitive price. Please be free to get our quality products for sale.

For over 15 years, IUGIS carbon has been the carbon vane Manufacturer in China, we are serving for the replacement carbon vane market. For famous Brands including of Becker, Rietschle, Busch, Orion, Heidelberg and etc. We also provide customization service for buyers with special size. Welcome to send inquiries to us. IUGIS carbon brushes are regularly exported to Germany, France ,United States, Kuwait, Iran, UK, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Thailand, Dubai, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore and etc.

◆ Carbon Vane Material and Features

IUGIS carbon vanes are made in domestic good material and imported EK60 material from German SGL Group. Specialty graphite for dry-running compressors and vacuum pumps based on the vane principle.

They have great self lubricating performance, and the vanes give a fine polish to the cylinder wall which reduced 

the wear rate perfectly. Besides, it have more distinguished features:

 • Best possible dry running properties in tribological system.

 • High energy efficiency and minimized friction.

 • Adapt to high temperature environment work.

 • High resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

 • High bending strength

◆ For Pump Models (not all)

Becker Vacuum Pump: DT/VT1.5, DT/VT6,DT/VT3.6, DT/VT16, DT/VT15, DVT70, DVT100, DVT140, DT/VT/T3.10/4.10, DTLF/VTLF400, DTLF/VTLF500, TLF500, KTA1.360, KDT/KTA2.60, DVT2.60, KDT/KVT2.80/3.60/3.80, TLF250/360, TLF2.250, DTLF/VTLF250/360, DVT2.80, DVT3.60/3.80, DT/VT40, KDT2.100, KVT2.100/3.100, DVT2.100, DVT3.100, KDT/KVT2.140, KDT/KVT3.140, DVT2.140/3.140, KL1.70, KL1.100, KL1.240, DT/T/VT3.16/4.16, DT/T/VT3.25, DT/T/VT3.25/4.25, DT/T/VT3.40/4.40, DT3.60, DT3.16, DT/VT4.3/4.4, DT/VT4.6/4.8, KDT3.140, KDX3.100, KDX3.60, DXLF400/50, VXLF400/500 and etc.

Rietschle Vacuum Pump: VTA140, VTA100, DTA100, KTA100, DTA 80, KTA 80/1/2/3/4,

VTA60, VTA80, KTA80/5, DTE6, TR80DW, TR81DW, VTE6, TR3, TLV3, DLT/KLT/TL/TLV/VLT/VTN25, TR25DV, TR26DV, DLT/TL/TLV/TLD10, TLD12, TR10, DLT/KLT/TL/TLV/VLT15, TR15DV, DLT /TL/TLV/VLT6, TR60/60D/60DE/60V/61V, TR60DV,TR 61DV, TL20,TR0, TR20DV, TR 40DE, TR40V, TR41V, DLT40, KLT40, TR40DV, TR41DV, DTE3, VTE3, DTE8, VTE8, DTA 40, DTA60, KTA60, DTA50, KTA50, TR80D,  TR80V, DTB 180, DTB 250, VTB 180, VTB 250 and etc.

Orion Vacuum Pump: KRX1, KRF08A, KRX3, CBX15, KRF15, KRX5, CBX25, KRF25, KRX6, CBX40, KRF40, KRX7A, CBX62, KRA8, KRA9, KRH8, KRF70, KRX8C, KRA10, KRH10, KRF110, KRX7 and etc.

Busch Vacuum Pump: SV1025B, SD1025B, SD/SV1040B/C, DC1040C, SD/SV1016B, SD/SV1016C, SD/SV1006B, SD/SC1025C, SD/SV/DC1080B, SD/SV/DC1100C and etc.

 ◆ Applications of Carbon Vanes

  • Dry running rotary compressors and vacuum pumps 

  • The power industry applications

  • Printing machinery (pulp and paper production applications)

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Packing machinery 

  • Food processing equipment 

  • Wet running vane pump and meters 

  • Automotive diesel fuel pumps 

  • Drink vending machines

  • The application of medical equipment and etc.

 ◆  Quality Assurance

  IUGIS all models of carbon vanes are subject to strict inspection at each stage of the manufacturing process. From starting material choosing to product pre-shipping inspection. The dimension and all details will strictly following to the OEM standards. Quality is 100% assured!


 ◆ Packing and Delivery

  • Becker original carbon vanes will come with original vacuum package.

  • Our domestic material and imported EK60 material provide vacuum package and poly bag packing service.


Your goods will be delivered by Express (DHL; FedEx; TNT; UPS; Aramex and etc.) or by sea. Will choose the appropriate shipping way and discuss with customers before dispatch.


 ◆ Our service

  •We will reply your online inquiry or inquiry email within 4 hours.

  •Providing professional recommendation of carbon vane choice.

  •24-hour tracking your products delivery.

  •Help to solve the problems when in using, and provide advice.