samsung washing machine carbon brush IUGIS CARBON FACTORY

samsung washing machine carbon brush IUGIS CARBON FACTORY
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IUGIS carbon provide better washing machine motor use carbon brushes with full range of brush sizes. We are now exporting brushes and whole assembly carbon brush holder to UK,USA, Germany,Poland,Spain,Russia and many other countries! 

product namesamsung washing machine carbon brush 
brush size5×12.5×32mm
materialsanwhich layers
MOQinstock(100sets is ok)
paymentpaypal /western union/T/T

metal carbon brush holder for samsung washing machine


WS25-A washing machine carbon brush

IUGIS CARBON produce all kinds of washing machine carbon brushes:


WS1 washing machine carbon brush


WS2 washing machine carbon brush


miele washing machine carbon brush


WS4 washing machine carbon brush


carbon brush holder


hoover carbon brush holder

IUGIS CARBON has a professional production team and packing team to keep good quality,and safety of the goods.


carbon brush for bosch washing machine factory


carbon brush for miele washing machine supplier


carbon brush holder for hoover 


samsung washing machine carbon brush package


samsung washing machine carbon brush factory

Established in 2007, IUGIS CARBON is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of CARBON BRUSHES and washing machine carbon brushes. As a result of our high quality carbon brushes and washing machine carbon brushes.and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching Asia, Europe, Africa, America and so on and forth .

89F79DD7579ED8C2ADFE708B1476292E.jpgwashing machine carbon brush producer

beko washing machine carbon brush producer


candy washing machine carbon brush producer

If you are looking for the genuine washing machine motor carbon brushes carbon brush with holder export worldwide, IUGIS Carbon Industry must be your best choice. As one of the experienced and professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the most competitive price. Please be free to get our quality products for sale.If your washing machine is making excessive noises and you start to notice that it is not spinning at full capacity, then it may be time to replace those carbon brushes and help get your washing machine back to its best.
Please note: It is always advisable to change both carbon brushes at the same time.
Suitable for select Ardem, Beko, Bluesky, Brandt, Candy, Hoover and various other models.