Carbon Brush For Washing Machine manufacture

Carbon Brush For Washing Machine manufacture
Product Details

IUGIS Carbon is a factory manufacturing washing machine carbon brushes and holders for more than 10years.We have A strong R&D team,and advanced production machine . Every one of the workers are through strict training. Every product process we are strictly control. To provide you with the best washing machine carbon brushes. Our products are exported all over the world, such as UK, Italy, Russia ,Germany, Malaysia and etc.

Our Material:

We have TOYO material and Shunck material, l imported from Japan (Toyo Tanso) and Germany(shunck). Toyo and Shunck material is the most popular material for washing machine carbon brushes so far. Their double layers(sandwich) carbon brushes are developed specially for washing machine motors.



We produce all kinds of washing machine carbon brushes,for Brands:





Type 1. One pair per small poly bags, and then small boxes ,big cartons

Type 2. One pair per small poly bags, and then big plastic bags, big cartons

Knowledge about washing machine carbon brushes

How to confirm a good quality washing machine carbon brushes?

Answer: speed smoothly low spark low noise


Problems about washing machine carbon brushes you may meet with:

  1. Why there is spark in motor brush?

There are two possible one is the brush contact bad, installation is not correct. The second is the rotor circuit. Brush unit pressure is too high, usually is brush wear, the unit pressure is too small, contact unstable and prone to mechanical spark.

  1. Why carbon brushes wear so fast?

Carbon brush wear too fast the reason may be: Firstly, the carbon brush itself quality problem. Secondly,  installation location may have deviation. Thirdly, Winding short-circuit phenomenon exists to generate high current.


How to replace washing machine carbon brushes?


A. Unload the rear panel of the washing machine, the first visible fixed motor, motor models: 1 ba6755 

B. Unloaded the roller belt, pull out the power cord


C. Split up to two fixed bolt, dismount the motor, pull out the power wires of motor brush on both sides respectively

D. Push the copper card upward, unload brush


E. Unloaded carbon brush, the worn is old, another is new.

F. Put the new one in.


G. Finished.



 Our service

  1. Any inquiries related to our products will be replied within 4 hours

  2. Before purchasing in bulk, samples will be offered

  3. Supporting after market and installation market washing machine brush holder set

  4. 24-hour tracking your products delivery

If you are looking for the Carbon Brush For Washing Machine manufacture, IUGIS Carbon Industry must be your best choice. As one of the experienced and professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the most competitive price. Please be free to get our quality products for sale.